Plants Vs. Zombies Dark Mod
Pvz Dark Mod Image
More Darkness...



What's new:

New plant names, new texts, new images, new effects.

Mostly used program:

Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Program used to mod:

Plants Vs. Zombies main.pak Patcherer


Moded Tall-nut named Tall-rock

Modded Plants?Edit

What's new?Edit

New plants, new texts, new effects, new areas...

You will see with your eyes that mushrooms will sleep during the night and be awake during the day and you will see that Day and Night, Pool and Fog are vice versa. The Roof area will be Night Roof and the Zomboss fight will be a very very sunny roof. Probably I will make some effects to the areas.

Great News!Edit

It will come out in 2016! Also, I have modded a lot more plants! I have replaced some plants with another. For example:

No more darn bow flower! Here comes Moon flower!

No more Poison wood! Here comes Ice wood!

I still don't know about annoying orange-pult. I might keep it! YAY!

And... if you love PVZCC, Here comes SNOW! The 3rd stage is Snow! Of course, the physics are not the same as PVZCC's Snow D:! But if you like everything dark, There you go! PVZDM will be launched around 31st of February 2016! There is not much more to wait! You will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it?