Plants vs. Zombies: Fallout
By Reoejet


30% done


Most plants will be replaced/edited to be more like wasteland and post-apocalyptic plant.

Release date:

Unknown (preferably sometime near the end of May 2012 to mid June 2012).

Download link:

Currently unavailable.



Hey guys! This is my new mod, PVZ Fallout. It's basically the aftermath of all the fierce battles that the plants and zombies had. Here's the storyline: After years of fighting between plants and zombies, the world has gone into an even worse condition. The fierce battles have left the world desolate and post-apocalyptic. Nuclear fallout fills the air and toxic substances litter the streets. Despite this, the zombies still fight for brains. Vice versa, the plants fight back. Because of the horrible condition, new plants hae come up to fight.

I plan to change nearly every aspect of the game (except for the zombies and some plants). So far, I've completed about 20%-30% of the changes which include some plants, the background, and some almanac entries. I'll post some screenshots soon.

Plant ScreenshotsEdit